JavaScript Lesson 3: JavaScript Dialog Box

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3.1 JavaScript Dialog

A dialog box that pops up on a web page will enhance the interactivity of the web page. It is normally used in advertising. A JavaScript dialog carries a message or a question that required some form of actions from the user, either clicking a button or pressing a key on the keyboard.In JavaScript, the syntax to launch a dialog is very simple, you just need to use the alert method. The structure is:


<script language="JavaScript">
windows.alert("Welcome to JavaScript Tutorial");


Adding this Script to a web page allows the user to see a popup dialog box that displays the message “welcome to JavaScript Tutorial”  as shown in the diagram below:

Click on Example 3.1 to view the dialog box.

You can customize the format of the output using a backslash \ and “n”. Lets change the line windows.alert(“Welcome to JavaScript Tutorial”) to

window.alert”welcome to\nJavaScript\nTutorial”). The output will be displayed in three lines now, as shown below:

If you put the two scripts together, you will see two dialog boxes appear successively, after you click the first one, the second one will appear.

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