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Javascript Examples

JavaScript is a scripting language that works with HTML to enhance web pages and make them more interactive by accessing and modifying the content in a webpage. What is a scripting language? A script is made up of a sequence of statements that give instructions for the computer to perform certain tasks, for examples, like providing a response to the users, to play a song, to start a slideshow, to display certain advertisements and so on.

JavaScript can turn a web page into a lively interactive platform for the world wide web users! JavaScript is a scripting language for HTML. Besides that, you can add sound, date, time, change the color of the web page according to a certain day, prevalidate data entered into a form by the user before it is sent to the server, search through a database, set options based on users preferences and much more.Basically, JavaScript can access the content of a webpage by selecting any element. attribute or text from an HTML page. It can also modify the content of a webpage by adding elements, attributes, and text to the page.

We have created these interesting JavaScript examples to illustrate the power and versatility of JavaScript.  Please feel free to use and modify the JavaScript examples as long as you include the following copyright notice in your script.

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