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Animated Digital Dice

We can create an animated digital dice easily using the setInterval() method to be used as the timer. Here we create a JavaScript function rolldice()to generate random integers. The floor method and the random method is to generate random integers from 1 to 6 using the following syntax:

Math.floor( 1 + Math.random() * 6 )

Besides that, we create a JavaScript function AniDice to set the interval of rolldice() to 20 milliseconds.

We use the <div> element to define the size of the digital dice. The id="dice' is to replace the default number 1 with the random numbers.

The HTML is as follows:

<div style="border:4px solid blue; width:100px; height:100px text-align:center;padding:0">
<h1 id="dice" style="font-size:300%">1</h1></div>
<button onclick="AniDice()">Roll Dice</button>
<button onclick="stopDice()">Stop</button>

The JavaScript is as follows:

function AniDice()

function rolldice()
var ranNum = Math.floor( 1 + Math.random() * 6 );
document.getElementById("dice").innerHTML = ranNum;

function stopDice()

Click on the 'Roll Dice' button to roll the dice


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