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Animated Butterfly

We can create an animated butterfly that is flapping its wings using the setInterval() method.

In this example, we need to use eight images of a  butterfly that flaps its wings at a different stage.

Name the images files as bfly1.gif, bfly2.gif, bfly3gif, bfly4.gif, bfly5.gif, bfly6.gif, bfly7.gif, bfly8.gif.

We need to load the images starting from image1 till image 8 and then repeat the sequence again at a regular interval set by using the setInterval() method.

Besides that, we declare a global variable i and assign an initial value 0 to it, then use the iteration i+=1 to increase its value one at a time. We reset the value of i back to 0 after its value exceed 9 using the if statement.

We use the following statement to load the images:

var dice = document.getElementById("die");
The full script is as follows:
var i=0

var step;
function start(){

function rolldice(){
if (i<9){
var dice = document.getElementById("die");
function stop()


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