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Javascript Options

Changing Options Dynamically

This example demonstrates how to change selection options dynamically.

The attribute SIZE of the SELECT tag creates a list box with number of items specified by SIZE. If you leave out SIZE, you will get a drop down box instead.

The Script


<TITLE>Test Input Validation</TITLE>

function change (form) {

form.list.options[0].text = "Choice1"
form.list.options[1].text = "Choice2"
form.list.options[2].text = "Choice3"

function myreset(form){
form.list.options[0].text = "item 1"
form.list.options[1].text = "item 2"
form.list.options[2].text = "item 3"

<INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="button1" Value="Change" onClick="change(this.form)">

<SELECT NAME="list" SIZE="3">
<OPTION>item 1
<OPTION>item 2
<OPTION>item 3

<INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="button2" Value="Reset" onClick="myreset(this.form)">


The Output

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