Welcome to the JavaScript tutorial. We present our tutorial in a straightforward manner to help you master JavaScript programming effortlessly. We have also created many interesting sample codes for enhanced learning. Our tutor, Dr.Liew, has also authored a book, JavaScript Made Easy for offline learning. The digital version is available for your mobile devices and Kindle

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Why learn JavaScript?

According to Pluralsight Technology Index (https://www.pluralsight.com/tech-index),  JavaScript is the most popular development software today, beating other famous programming languages such as Java, C++, Python, CSS, HTML and more. Since its inception by Netscape in 1995, it has evolved into a powerful programming language that conquered every internet-connected platform that includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and devices in the IoT.  According to
Jonathan Mills (Author of Pluralsight), a JavaScript developer can write code that runs anywhere,  the web, the backend code with Node and Electron, desktop with Electron, and mobile with React native. The flexibility makes JavaScript skills incredibly valuable. Therefore, every programmer needs to master JavaScript.

What is JavaScript?

Initially, JavaScript was created primarily as a scripting language that works with HTML to enhance web pages and make them more interactive.  However, it has evolved into a multi-paradigm language that supports object-oriented and functional programming and works across all internet-connected platforms.  A script is made up of a sequence of statements that give instructions for the computer to perform certain tasks. For examples, it can play a song,  starts a slideshow, initiates an animation, plays a video clip,   displays advertisements, presents multimedia content and so on. JavaScript can turn a web page into a lively interactive platform for the world wide web users! Besides, JavaScript can be used to develop mobile applications by working hand-in-hand with CSS, HTML5, and AJAX.

What can you learn from our Tutorial?

From our  tutorial, you will be able to write scripts that can perform arithmetic calculations, make decisions using comparison operators, perform repetitions using looping procedure, handle date object, manipulate strings, create functions, create dynamic documents, write event handling code, perform linear search, manipulate checkbox, create cookies , draw graphics, create animation and more.