JavaScript Examples

We have created these interesting JavaScript examples to illustrate the power and versatility of JavaScript.  Please feel free to use and modify the JavaScript examples as long as you include the following copyright notice in your script.

Copyright©2008 Dr.Liew Voon Kiong. All rights reserved
  1. Change Options Dynamically
  2. Validation of Clicked Items
  3. A Selection Box
  4. Random Numbers Generator
  5. Graphical Dice
  6. Graphical Dice Using Frames
  7. Animated Digital Dice
  8. Animated Dice
  9. Animated Butterfly
  10. Random Number Generation
  11. Countdown Timer
  12. Email Sending and Validation Script
  13. JavaScript Clock
  14. Blackjack
  15. SlideShow
  16. Playing Music
  17. Simple Calculator
  18. Math drill for Kid
  19. Pythagoras Theorem
  20. Quadratic Curve
  21. Future Value Calculator
  22. Video Clip Player