What is JQuery?

jQuery is a JavaScript library that lets you search for elements in a web document using CSS-style selectors and then performing the elements using certain methods. The purpose of jQuery is to make it much easier to use JavaScript on your website. Besides that, jQuery simplifies a lot of the complicated things from JavaScript, like AJAX calls and DOM manipulation.

We can create a jQuery function using the $() symbol, as follows:


This is a CSS-style selector where it finds all the <li>elements with a class of popular.

The jQuery has many methods that we can use to work with the elements we have selected.

For example. we can use the addClass method


Creating a Blockchain using JavaScript

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic nowadays, especially since the value of Bitcoin has skyrocketed in the past two years. Though it is a volatile investment, many people still go for it.

Equally popular topic is the technology behind the cryptocurrency, i.e. the Blockchain. The appeal of the blockchain is that it can be applied to other industries other than cryptocurrency. The blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that provides a way to record and transfer data that is transparent, safe, auditable, and resistant to outages. The blockchain has the ability to make the organizations that use it transparent, democratic, decentralized, efficient, and secure.

In this article, we are keen to explore how JavaScript can be used to create a blockchain. There are many programming languages that are suitable to be used to write blockchain script, among them, VB.Net, Java, C++, Python, Solidity and of course, JavaScript.

Creating Animation in JavaScript

You can create an animation in JavaScript easily using the

setInterval method, the syntax is as follows:

myVariable=setInterval(myfunction, time interval)

The setInterval method runs a function created by you at a certain time interval in milliseconds. For example, a time interval of 1000 equals to 1 second.

Here are some examples of animations created by us:

Drawing a Quadratic Curve

To draw a quadratic curve, we use the quadraticCurve() method. However, we need to combine the quadraticCurve() method with the beginPath() and moveTo() methods in order to draw a quadratic curve. The beginPath() and moveTo() methods define the starting point of the quadratic curve. The quadraticCurve() method is to define the lowest point to the end point of the quadratic curve. The syntax of the quadraticCurve() method is

Please follow the following link to learn more.

Drawing a Quadratic Curve