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Lesson 8: Building Hyperlinks within a Document

HTML supports hyperlinks within a document which enables readers to go to a particular section of the document easily, instead of having to scroll up and down all the time. We can use the name attribute to serve as identification or bookmark of a particular section.

Tag that creates a target location within a document is as follows:

<A NAME= "section name"></A> 

To create the link to the above section from elsewhere in the document, we use the href element of the anchor element and reference the section name using a # symbol, as follows:

<A HREF= "#section name"></A>

Example 8.1

<!DOCTYPE html>
<head><Title> MSC</Title></head>
<body bgcolor="blue" link="yellow"  vlink="red"  text ="white">
<A name= "main">
<h1 align="center">Multimedia Super Corridor(MSC)</h1>
<P>The MSC is a Mega project to transform  a nation into advance nation in the field of IT. </P>
<h2>MSC  includes the following projects:</h2>
<li><h3><a href= "#eg">Electronic Government</h3></a>
<li><h3><a href= "#rd">Research and Development</h3></a>
<li><h3><a href= "#tm">Telemedicine</h3></a>
<li><h3><a href= "#ss">Smart School</h3></a>
<li><h3><a href= "#mc">Multipurpose Card</h3></a>
<li><h3><a href= "#it">IT infrastructure</h3></a>
<li><h3><a href= "#bm">Borderless Marketing</h3></a>
<dt><A name= "eg"><b> Electronic Government</b>
<dd>A multimedia networked paperless administration linking government agencies within
Putrajaya with government centres around the country to facilitate a collaborative government and
efficient service to business and citizens. It will offers efficient, high quality administrative on-line
services to citizens and businesses.
<a href= "#main">Back to the top</a>
<dt><A name= "rd"><b> Research and Development</b>
<a href= "#main">Back to the top</a>
<dt><A NAME= "tm"><b> Telemedicine</b>
<dd>To provide top class medical service especially for the rural people through advance video
conferencing and other network techniques
<a href= "#main">Back to the top</a>
<dt><A NAME= "ss"><b> Smart School </b>
<dd>To develop smart learning environment for all Malaysian students
<a HREF= "#main">Back to the top</a>
<dt><A NAME= "mc"><b>Multipurpose Card </b>
<dd>Smart Card for all Malaysians supporting key government, financial, health care and affiliated
<a href= "#main">Back to the top</a>
<dt><A name= "it"><b> IT infrastructure </b>
<dd>Open multimedia for network for easy interconnect.
<a href= "#main">Back to the top</a>
<dt><A NAME= "bm"><b> Borderless Marketing </b>
<dd>To make Malaysia  a Regional  Hub for companies to create and deliver marketing messages,
customer services and information products to their multicultural and multinational customers using
multimedia technology.
<a href= "#main">Back to the top</a>

Try to click some of the links in the following article:

Multimedia Super Corridor(MSC)

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